Plant Based Chef

Being a plant-based chef is about eating less animals and animal products. Debbie loves cooking and eating plants and loves plant-based nutrition. When you have had a plant-based meal you don’t experience that heavy full feeling, you feel alive and energised.

Following her Clinical Nutrition studies, Debbie went to Australia and completed a Raw Food Chef course as she wanted to be able to create wonderful raw recipes for her nutritional clients. This was a catalyst for launching RawHQ, a vegan raw food café in 2016.

RawHQ was initially raw, but she soon realised that other options were needed, so Debbie created a range of raw and cooked vegan, gluten free, plant-based foods and meals that warmed in winter and energised in summer. It was about removing additives, refined sugars and offering real food.

Debbie sold RawHQ in 2018 which provided the opportunity to work on developing a recipe book and being able to facilitate food based experiences and workshops.

Most people Debbie meets are interested in improving their health and well-being through learning more about a plant-based diet. The most common questions are “where do I start, what do I eat and how do I make it”.

It’s about transition! Taking one day at a time with a planned approach, focussing on one meal time at a time! Once you have tasted and created, you will realise how easy it is to include a raw or plant-based meal in your day, and experience your body reclaiming health and vitality.

As a plant based chef, Debbie offers a range of services to her clients such as:

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