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A nutritional consultation is the perfect way to work with your body to achieve optimum health. Debbie is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist, Juice Therapist, Raw Food Chef, Holistic Cancer Coach, studied Naturopathy and is currently completing a Bachelor in Applied Counselling. She is passionate about health and well-being and working with clients to achieve optimum health through improved lifestyle choices.

As a Holistic Cancer Coach, she has worked with many different stages of cancer. Debbie works alongside other practitioners to provide the support and knowledge required, depending on personal situations.

Debbie offers individual advice depending on your goals and is experienced in a range of metabolic health issues – including gut health, high blood pressure, fatigue, anxiety, cancer, menopause, eczema, weight loss and more. She is the perfect person to support you step-by-step in reclaiming your health.

Debbie’s provides consultations at Tranquility House or  online via zoom. Prior to the initial consultation a food diary and health questionnaire are required. This allows Debbie more time during the consultation to focus on health concerns and the best plan forward to regain your health. She will build a personlised detailed picture of your lifestyle, eating habits, medical history, health concerns and work with you to achieve optimum wellness.

Debbie has a unique approach and does not believe in dieting. She will teach you how to adopt a healthy eating plan that is beneficial to staying healthy. She can even show you through her many workshops how to create wonderful, healthful meals and juices that are plant-based, raw, gluten free, dairy free and vegan depending on your needs.

There are five different consultation options to choose from depending on your needs and what you would like to learn:


In the last 4 years I have known Debbie she has really changed the way I look at my health. For years I have put up with aches and pains so much that I just believed that it was my body telling me it was getting old. That was until Debbie showed me what real nutrition and education about food can do. I now can identify certain foods that cause my symptoms after eating. Unlike your GP, Debbie will spend the time with you getting to know you and your eating habits to help to resolve whatever issue you have to find out the most important thing; what the root cause is. You will leave Debbie’s consultation with more energy, clarity and a new found love of healthy food. Definitely money well invested.

Nicole - 2019

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