Debbie is currently in her 3rd year of completing her degree – Bachelor of Applied Counselling. This enables her to offer a complete service to her clients as the body and mind connection is an important factor to overall health and well-being. Debbie has had first-hand experience with trauma, grief, anxiety, depression and health related issues.

We all have stress to deal with in our lives and certain types of stress and trauma can trigger a cascade of biochemical changes that help create the perfect environment for ill health. It could be a death of a family member, separation, divorce, personal injury, job pressures, financial problems, change in living conditions, challenges with children or parents, relationships, trauma, grief, purpose in life, illness or food related issues. Anxiety and stress can be sickening but whether we choose to let the stress become distress is the critical issue.

Learn to respond over react.  Debbie focuses on changing the stress inducing environment by providing coping strategies and tools and techniques including mindfulness, meditation, mind mapping and other management techniques.

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