Life Coach and Facilitator

Debbie has been teaching and consulting professionally for several years. Debbie coaching and facilitation are individual and also in a group setting.  

If it is nutrition focussed you will learn how to use the power of food to not only transform your body, but your life, by working with the high vibration and life-force that foods can bring.

If it is lifestyle focussed, her extensive knowledge and experience of all issues as well as her positive and infectious love of life, makes her events sought after.

Debbie is a natural health practitioner, registered counsellor and plant-based chef who works with individuals or groups facilitating mind and body programmes that provide tools and techniques.  

She has recently launched food experiences on the ocean that support the body and mind by bringing nutrition and the outdoors together.

Her programmes are ideal for anyone wanting to increase their nutritional knowledge and skills, employee wellness or those wanting to learn stress reducing techniques to support their mental wellness.   

Whether you attend her workshops online or corporate training, her classes are life changing and interactive. There are loads of practical learning, tasting and education that is based on nutrition and mind changing techniques to support total body wellness.

Depending on the workshop you will learn:

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