Beautiful Me – Journal Therapy – Module 1



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FACILITATOR: Debbie Buddle – Clinical Nutritionist and Registered Counsellor
Clinical Nutritionist – Solutions Focussed Counsellor – Juice Therapist – Raw Food Chef – Holistic Cancer Coach – Naturopath – Domestic Violence Advocate

Debbie is a Solutions Focussed, Trauma Informed Care Counsellor who is registered with NZAC.  She has a Bachelors in Counselling and is trained as a coach in Mindfulness and Meditation.  She facilitates many workshops and has created a range of online courses.   Debbie specialises in PTSD, Trauma, Domestic Violence (Sexual, Physical, Financial and Emotional Abuse), Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Grief including anticipated, Life challenges, Addictions, OCD, Phobias and Parenting Challenges.  She created this journal and used as one of the many interventions to support her clients.

This online workshop is based around the art of journaling and you will be provided with an electronic link to create your very own personalised journal.  On completion of the modules you will have a valuable toolkit to support you through your life journey.   

Debbie will join you online and guide you through interactive exercises to build your self-worth, self-regulation, self-awareness and resilience.  Beautiful ME is an an extensive toolkit of self development.

There are FOUR modules and all FOUR modules are required to complete the journal.

This workshop includes webinar and practical exercises for Module One.


  • The power of self journaling
  • Attitude of gratitude
  • Stop – Breathe – Choose
  • Just Breathe
  • Mindfulness
  • Power of Positive Affirmations

TIME: 1.5 hrs – Module 1
COST: $120.00


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