Workshops & Experiences

Workshops and Experiences
Debbie Buddle - Wellness Consultant

Debbie offers a range of workshops and experiences that will bring your soul to life.

Solutions Focussed Holistic Counsellor, Clinical Nutritionist, Naturopath, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, Juice Therapist, Plant Based Food Chef and Holistic Cancer Educator, Debbie Buddle, offers many different online workshops on Nutrition and Mental Wellness that nourish the mind and body.   Debbie has an holistic view of the body and believes that all areas need to work together to achieve ultimate health.  She has a 3 key approach to mind and body health:

1. What you feed your body as food is fuel for mind and body balance

2. How you move as moving enhances mind and body health

3. What you think as this also affects whole body health and wellness

Debbie’s workshops and experiences are educational, motivational, inspirational and beneficial to the health and well-being of you and those around you.  They are designed to support you outside the Nutritional and Counselling consultation space.


Breakfast and Fish

Cook Your Catch

Ocean To Plate

Cruise and Platter


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